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Readers' Comments

Dr. Peraino has been a long-awaited answer to our prayers. We have experienced the robotic, impersonal handbook of the current healthcare system. We have found it to be demeaning and inept for not only the patient and their families; but, also for the human healthcare providers. Patients have been lowered to the level of beggars standing outside the doors of a huge, corporate machine. Doctors and nurses behave as though they are assembly line workers trying to beat the clock to meet their quota.

Our family would like to thank Dr. Peraino for his knowledge, compassion, insight, common sense, and ability to actually be a "real" doctor who is absolutely patient centered. What a wonderful, comforting, empowering experience he has been during a very trying ordeal. All doctors should strive to grasp the bar of standards he has set, and uses, to practice medicine and treat patients.

Shelley B. F.
daughter of
Frances B.

patient centered care

Only patient centered care will lead to quality and cost effective care.