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Why Patient Centered Care?

Because each physician, nurse, physical therapist, pharmacist, dietitian cares for one patient at a time. Population health care is the province of public health. It is not and should not be the province of individual practitioners. That would violate our oaths to do no harm, by placing the good of the many above the good of the one who is being cared for. We exist to serve the patient.

Patient centered care is the right care, the highest quality care and the most cost effective care for that one patient.

Medical errors, mistakes and inappropriate care all stem from the emphasis on system processes at the expense of the unique individual patient. The patient is the center of our activity. The patient's satisfaction is our goal; even if that is less than what modern medicine has to offer. To do otherwise is doctor, nurse, hospital, institutional or other centered care, not patient centered care. If the test or treatment is right for that patient with heart disease as opposed to that for all patients with heart disease then patient centered care has been rendered.

Patients are each very unique biological, social, psychological, economic, ethnic and spiritual beings. Multiple disciplines are important to the best patient centered outcome, - a team approach. PATIENT CENTERED CARE will also provide help with achieving the best individual patient outcome through a team approach.

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patient centered care

Only patient centered care will lead to quality and cost effective care.